A little bit about me ...
I am a Teacher, Musician and Session Musician
Instruments played:   
Woodwind -  Including Uilleann pipes, Border pipes, English Pipes, Whistles and Low Whistles, Flutes, duduk, Clarinets, Ney Various World music instruments
Strings -  Including Guitar, Tenor Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello Bouzouki, Other world music strings.
Percussion -   Including Bodhran, Dumbeq, Darbuka, Djembe, Tar, Bendir, Tambourine, Req, Egyptian Tabla, Dholak, Dhole, Congas.

As a Session Musician:  I have worked with many top artists including Lorraine Jordan, Il Divo, Julian Lloyd Weber, Pete Lockett, Bjork, Depeche Mode, Gary Barlow, Uriah Heep, Martin Carthy, Dave Swarbrick, John Kirkpatrick, Broderick, Luke Daniels, Sin É, Linn Tilla, Anne Lister, Eileen McGann, Band of Hope, Lammas, Tim Garland, Brian Willoghby from the Strawbs, Lorenna McKennett , Jeff Martin, James Keelaghan, Art Turner, The Afro-celts , John O'Connor (Startrekkin!) and yes Michael Flately. I was, sadly, unavailable for some wonderful people such as Page and Plant, Tory Amos (wedding), Mary Chapin Carpenter, Dave Stuart, and U2 who I had to turn down!

I having worked in over twenty countries , recorded on over eighty albums and played live in places as diverse as Syria, Sudan, Jordan, Greece Kashakstan, India, Canada, and Turkey.

I once flew to Greece for a three hour session and flew back on the next available flight as my wife was expecting and was due to drop at any minute!

I have choreographed at the Lincoln Center N.Y., arranged music for, and appeared, in the popular T.V. series Friends the one with Ross's wedding (in England) and the Des O'Connor show, as a musician with Michael Flately. Been a session player for adverts ranging from Obsession to Chicken Kiev! Session musician for Earth Final Conflict and Relic Hunter Howard Goodalls new show How music works

Studio work:  Until I left Business for Education, I was the studio manager for a busy recording studio in Wolverton, Milton Keynes which catered for a broad range of musical tastes. I have a good range of people skills, necessary for dealing with producers, artists, record labels, legal firms, suppliers, etc. I still freelance as producer and engineer, I therefore have a degree of understanding of the whole process of recording, mixing, working to deadlines, and providing a professional end product.

Through the studio, I arranged work experience for young people in order to learn the art of engineering. The most recent two, a young woman and a young man, have gone on to apply successfully for places at L.I.P.A. and Salford University.

I have also worked as an agent and session fixer for a number of U.K. and Canadian production companies and have composed for radio, T.V. dance, and theatre.

As an author:  I am author of The Bodhran Book, The Bodhran DVD, and the Low Whistle Book. All best sellers.