Celtic Funeral and Memorial Music

This will be a difficult time for you if you have to use this site and I will do my utmost to ease your burden. 

I play for Funerals, Memorial Services, and I often play at the Graveside.

Having a musician play at a Service is a way of helping with the grief and sadness you are feeling, providing comfort for you and your family, and honoring and celebrating the life of the person you have loved and lost. People include live music at these times for a variety of reasons.

I can work with you to select appropriate music to honor the memory of your loved one. The choice can be a favorite piece of music, which may have special meaning for the family or the deceased, or indeed be something which expresses the  character and personality of your loved one.  

Such music could be reflective or otherwise. I have played Jigs and reels as well as beautiful Irish airs and marches.

I play a range of Traditional Instruments . Uilleann pipes, Scottish Border Pipes, Highland Pipes, Flute and Whistle are the most frequently requested. Additionally I can arrange for other instruments such as Fiddle and Viola.

Please contact me and we can talk through what you need.